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Copies of 42 ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England) Information Sheets are available free to affiliated members and cover all aspects of managing a village hall including The Village Hall and its Premises Licence, Trustees – Roles and Responsibilities, Village Halls as Employers etc.



Village Hall Information Sheets – free to Village Hall members


VH1 Planning Fees for Village Halls
VH2 Parish Council Help for Village Halls
VH3 Providing services in village halls
VH4 Funding Trusts for Village Halls & Community Centres
VH5 Village Halls, Children and Young People
VH6 Village Halls and Registration for VAT
VH7 Village Hall Insurance Cover
VH8 Storage in village halls
VH9 The Village Hall and its Premises Licence
VH10 Alcohol in Village Halls
VH11 The Charities Act 1992, 1993 and 2006
VH12 Village Hall Car Parks
VH13 The Performing Right Society and tariff for Community Buildings
VH14 Asbestos
VH15 Health & Safety Legislation and Village Halls
VH16 How ‘green’ is your village hall?
VH17 Trustees – Roles and Responsibilities
VH18 Village Halls and VAT on Building Work and other purchases
VH19 Marketing your village hall
VH20 Health & Hygiene in Village Halls
VH21 Overnight accommodation in Village Halls
VH22 Village Hall as Employers
VH23 Steps to funding the fabric of community buildings
VH24 Village Halls and payment of Rates
VH25 Making Village Halls Accessible
VH26 Coping with VAT on Fuel and Power Supplies
VH27 Village Halls and Social Clubs
VH28 Creating a Business Plan
VH29 Bingo in Village Halls
VH30 The Village Hall: Heating
VH31 The Village Hall: Flooring
VH32 Recruiting and retaining volunteers
VH33 Gaming and Lotteries
VH34 Sale of Goods
VH35 Trustee Liability and Trustee Indemnity Insurance
VH36 Village Halls run by Parish Council as Sole Trustees
VH37 Fire Safety in Village Halls
VH38 Short guide to security in Village Halls

VH 39    Village halls and incorporation
VH 40    Village halls and governing documents
VH 41    Accounting and village halls
VH 42    Equality in village halls

Other publications available to purchase:

  • Plan, Design and Build Part 1 & 2
  • Model Hiring Agreement
  • Model Rules for Village Halls
  • Model Documents: ‘A’ for Freehold Properties; ‘B’ for Leasehold Properties
  • Accounting for Village Halls
  • Village Hall Management Health Check
  • Good Management Toolkit

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