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Community Right to Bid

What is it?

The Community Right to Bid enables ’Assets of Community Value’ to be nominated for inclusion in a list to be held by the local authority.  When these assets come up for sale (regardless of who owns them), the community will have six months to raise the funds and ‘bid’ to purchase the asset. 
The seller is not obliged to sell to the community; this Right just 'stops the clock' and provides an opportunity that might not otherwise have existed.  

Who can exercise the Right?

Community Right to Bid will be able to be used by:

  • a local voluntary or community group that is incorporated (i.e. it has a separate legal identity);
  • a local voluntary or community group that is not incorporated but has at least 21 members who are locally registered to vote;
  • a parish council;
  • a neighbourhood forum as defined by the Regulations.

RCCE can help you to set up a 'Community Right to Bid' group.


How is the Right exercised?

The 'Community Right to Bid' group submits nominations to the local authority that explain what the asset is, why it boosts the social well-being of your community, and details about your group.  The authority then considers your request and decides whether to put the asset on a list of local ‘assets of community value’. If the owner decides to sell, you will be notified by the local authority and you then have six weeks to tell the local authority you want to bid for it. This is called making an ‘expression of interest’.  From the date the local authority tells you the asset is being sold, you have six months to prepare and submit your bid to buy it.

RCCE can provide support in the purchase and management of community buildings.


Your bid should include a detailed description of why your group is best placed to take over the asset, how you would finance the purchase, how you would run the asset. Once the six months are up, the owner then looks at all the bids and decides who to sell the asset to. If your bid is successful you purchase and take over the asset.

Further Guidance about the Community Right to Bid process is available from HM Government and from Locality 

Is funding available?

The Social Investment Business has launched the Community Ownership of Assets Programme. Pre-feasibility grants of £5,000 to £10,000 are available.

What to include in a Community Led Plan

A Community Led Plan can ascertain if there is any appetite in your community to take on the ownership and management of community assets and facilities. 

Include questions on the following in your surveys and other community engagement activities: 

  • How important are the various local 'assets' to community life.
  • Is there support for a community owned and managed facility (should the opportunity arise)
  • (In a parished area) Whether there is support for a Public Works Loan Board loan to finance the purchase.
  • Ideas for raising the funds to purchase the asset.
  • Seek out volunteers to form a group to prepare a management plan and bid.


To find out how RCCE can assist with your Community Led Plan contact Sarah Sapsford