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Energy Efficiency

Improvements in energy efficiency and the development of renewable energy are essential to ensure that future energy supply is both secure and affordable. Communities can play an active role in achieving this.  At RCCE we aim to improve understanding of the challenges presented by peak oil and climate change, and raise awareness of the opportunities to create local sustainable energy solutions. We run training sessions about sustainable engergy and we undertake energy audits of community buildings

Energy Hierarchy

Local initiatives should follow the Energy Hierarchy:

  • Reduce energy use.
  • Use energy efficiently
  • Generate renewable energy.

Energy Efficiency

Understand the potential for energy saving in homes and community buildings. Promote and encourage changes in behaviour and use of energy saving measures (such as insulation).  

Renewable Energy

Understand which renewable energy technologies would be most appropriate and beneficial for your community; for individual homes, for community buildings or for the whole setttlement. Explore how renewable energy projects could be financed through Feed in Tariffs, Renewable Heat Incentive or the new renewable energy revolving fund.       

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