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Community Rights

The Localism Act 2011 introduced new powers for communities to enable them to own and manage community assets, run local services for themselves and have greater control over development and planning.  These powers are in the form of four new Community Rights. 

Community involvement is an essential part of the process to exercise these Rights.  You will need to find out the level of support within your community to take action forward.  This may be achieved through a Community Led Plan.  The following pages explain what each Right is, who can exercise it, what funding is available and what to ask in your community consultation.

    Community Right to Bid
    Community Right to Build
    Community Right to Challenge
    Community Right to create a Neighbourhood Development Plan or Order

What's Right for your Community?

Use the RCCE Decision Grid to find out which of the Community Rights might be relevant in your parish or neighbourhood.

To find out how RCCE can assist you in exercising your Rights contact Sarah Sapsford