Bee Good Competition Results 2021

Category age 4-7 years


   Acorn Academy School - Bee Good Plot designed by Buzzy Bee Gardeniong Club

   'Wow we are are so excited to be the winner! Thank you'

  Joint Runners up

  St Anne Line Catholic School - Bee Good Plot 'Bee & Bee'

  'We are so excited for the children to be Runners up, as they worked so hard and enjoyed every minute of it.  They will be excited too.'  Jill Clarke

  Friars Grove Primary School - Bee Good Plot 'Friars Grove Bee Garden'

  'We are so excited to be Runners up in the Bee Good Competition, thank you for taking the time to organise this competition in such a challenging year!'


Category age 8-11 years

  Joint Winners

  Kelvedon St Mary's CofE Primary Academy and Autism Support Centre

  Bee Good Plot 'Lett- Us-Be' (click on the link to view this winning entry)   

'The children were all delighted when they heard that we were winners. Thank you for the inspiration which created so many learning opportunities, the children thoroughly enjoyed getting out into the fresh air to do some real gardening.  We will certainly be sowing and planting again next year with a new group of children' 

  Greensted Junior School - Bee Good Plot Rowan's Buzzy Base

 'The children loved being part of the project, they have put their heart and soul into  the school grounds to make it more bee friendly!

Thanks for all you do'   Clare Capper


  Runner up

  Priory Primary School - Don't Worry Be Happy and Home Sweet Honey

  'After a very challenging year the Bee Good Competition was exactly what our school needed to lift our spirits.  It provided outside learning with a fantastic purpose and allowed the whole school to get involved; from reception through to Year 6.  The children enjoyed researching facts about plants, the environment and of course our special friends....bees.  The children discovered just how important bees are to our planet and why there is no need to be frightened of them!' This has been a wonderful learning experience for the children'     Megan Tomlin

Winners Prize: Gardening Bundle, Field Guide to the Bees and Bee Bug House