Coopersale and Theydon Primary School

Congratulations to the Eco Warriors Club! The amount of work the children put into creating their Bee Good plot ‘Bee-throw Airport’ was incredible and what a fabulous name!  The plot itself looked amazing which GC is sure the bees loved and it also provided a wonderful haven for all.  The outstanding work and commitment shown by the children was inspirational, not only have they studied about Bees but they have provided food and somewhere to live, a full package sanctuary that can be used for years to come – well done! 

In her response to winning, Primary school teacher Sarah Huke said: “We are really proud of our children they have continued their excellent work this term by setting up a composting project to reduce our school waste from their fruit snacks at break time”.

     Runner up

     Danbury Park Community School

Congratulations! It says it in the name… ‘Busy Bees Happy Place’ the design of the plot was well thought out for the age group (Years 1 & 2) and one could see the final result would look amazing once in full bloom.  Another example of outstanding work and commitment shown by the children – well done!