Community Profiles


Communities in Essex can now get detailed evidence reports for their parishes, towns and villages.


RCCE working with its national body (ACRE) and local data consultants (OCSI), as part of the Evidencing Rural Need project have produced a resource that can provide Community Profile reports for anyone interested in or requiring statistical data on their local area.

What is Evidencing Rural Need and what does a Community Profile contain?

Evidencing Rural Need is an original resource showing an accurate picture of rural England - its deprivation, economy, access to services issues and area profiles from small villages to counties. Information is presented in clear annotated reports with maps and tables. It enables users to drill down to small areas of geography and can help shape decisions affecting rural communities both large and small.

Community Profiles contain evidence reports on your local area and are produced in an easy to understand and easy to use format.


Which geographical areas are covered?

The reports cover a wide range of different geographies from a small rural place within a parish to a range of larger geographies such as local authority, parliamentary constituencies and Local Enterprise Partnerships across England. This means that communities can now access information and evidence at a very local level. If you would like to see which localities in Essex are covered, please click on this link to Essex


Community Profiles contain up to date information on the following themes:

  • Social & Cultural Issues
  • Access to Services
  • Equity; Economy
  • Housing and the Built Environment
  • Transport and Connectivity
  • Environment
  • Governance

What can Community Profiles assist with?

  • Evidencing community programmes; providing information and statistical data at a very local level.
  • Supporting and evidencing funding applications; including for village halls and community buildings management committees.
  • Helping local communities with the quantitative evidence-base to support the development of Community Led Plans (including Neighbourhood Plans), parish and neighbourhood reports.
  • Providing datasets of quantitative information for organisations working, or looking to work in particular areas of Essex.

How can I access a Community Profile for my local area and what does it cost?

To order one for your local area in electronic PDF format please download and fill in an application form and return to

RCCE is committed to keeping prices low and for RCCE members there are excellent discounts: with prices for members starting as low as £30 plus VAT for a parish* (one parish profile is included in a Community Led Planning support service package – start up or in progress).

Charging Structure*Terms and conditions apply.