There is to be funding available to assist with Neighbourhood Planning the government announced recently. It was revealed that there will be a £10million fund that allows Local Authorities to apply to, and receive up to £30,000 per plan.

Councils are invited to apply for this funding to assist with the costs associated with producing plans and this means that Local Authorities could have some of the financial strain relieved by having the opportunity to apply for money to help support communities in producing the plans. It is envisaged that some of the funding will pay for the referendum and independent examiner, and some for the support involved in getting the plans made.

Payments will be made in two stages; the first stage e.g. £5,000, when the Neighbourhood Plan area has been designated and the second payment £25,000 will be made after successful completion of the independent examination.

RCCE recognises that the costs involved in all types of Community Led Plans especially Neighbourhood Plans are a big consideration when communities think about undertaking any plan and at present there is not a fund for communities themselves to apply for to help them financially with Neighbourhood Planning.

The process of producing a Neighbourhood Plan is designed to be a partnership between community and local authority and so any groups thinking about undertaking a Plan should talk to their district or borough council (or unitary authority) to find out more about this.

To see the full announcement follow this link

If you would like to know more about any Community Led plan contact the Community Engagement Team at RCCE