The competition started on 15th December 2019 and is still accepting entries.  This is a chance for you to win £1000 for your village hall and £500 for the photographer!

Entry is FREE and can be submitted by any UK Village or Community Hall.

Phil Barrington at Allied Westminster reports:

'We’ve had a  wonderful response so far, with villages obviously entering into the competitive spirit and submitting some lovely and often touching photos which really capture the idea of rural ‘community’. All village hall respondees have been really positive and have spread the word to villagers that they should get snapping. The upcoming ‘Village Halls Week’ may be an excellent time for them to grab some nice photos.

It's really worth emphasising the following to any trustees who ask:

1. This competition was designed to coincide with Village Halls Week 2020 in order to underline and champion the vital contribution which Village Halls make to their local communities. We want all villagers to appreciate that their hall is indispensable at a time when halls are under increasing financial strain, and hope that this will encourage some of villagers to become trustees.

2. The focus of the theme is ‘Village Life - a photo which characterises the value of community in your village’, so this isn’t about beautiful pictures of dazzling sunsets or picturesque buildings at dawn, but rather photos which display the value of ‘community’ within rural village life. So winning photos – whether snapped spontaneously on a phone or taken at leisure with a Leica - are likely to feature recognisable people doing recognisable things that distil the essence of that village’s community spirit.

3. Entry is simple and completely free. Entrants have only to submit a photo and nominate a hall as beneficiary. If they win first prize, the hall gets £1000 and the photographer gets £500. They can enter here:

4. Now that we have entries coming in it would be very helpful if you could encourage hall members to vote for those photos they believe best illustrate the theme. Although village hall members voting for the photos of other halls may seem like turkeys voting for Christmas, we’d like to think that the village hall community nationwide is strong enough to give support to each other. When the competition ends, public votes will be one of the criteria used for judging, so their votes really are valuable. Votes can be cast anonymously at this link and there is no registration necessary:

Hope you'll get snapping over the coming Village Halls Week - 20th to 26th January 2020 and make your entry to the competition!