RCCE is looking for local co-ordinators to help run its new bulk-buying scheme for domestic heating oil.

The scheme, which has just been launched by our trading arm, RCCE Trading CIC, is aimed at bringing communities together to make the most of joint buying power so that greater savings can be made and passed on to customers.


We want the scheme to be rooted in communities – because that’s the way that RCCE works – and are looking for local volunteers who will act as ‘go-betweens’ for us. Their job will be to tell us each month how much oil the people in their village want to order, and then telling people when the oil will arrive and how much it will cost. ‘We’ve made it as simple as possible because we know people are busy’ said Shelley Labbett, Business Development Manager.  ‘Local co-ordinators won’t have to do the negotiating with the oil suppliers and won’t have to deal with any money, so we don’t expect this to take much time’.


RCC believes that finding a way to keep fuel costs as low as possible is particularly important in rural areas, where many households don’t have mains gas. Research commissioned by our national RCC network has shown that in Essex, more than half the people who live in fuel poverty live in rural areas (ie with fuel costs that are more than 10% of their income). We don’t think that’s right.


The scheme will also help to reduce the carbon footprint of the actual delivery system. Every time a tanker comes out to make a delivery, it’s using a lot of fuel – a full tanker may only get about 8 miles per gallon! So if deliveries are organised so that one tanker can reach as many customers in as small an area as possible, the fuel consumption is reduced.


Full details of how the scheme works are set out in two leaflets – one for local community co-ordinators, and one for members of the scheme.
Visit the Oil Buying Scheme section of our website for further details.
Oil Buying Scheme
RCCE Oil scheme leaflet general.pdf
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