RCCE are delighted to confirm that earlier this year we were successful in our bid for Rural Housing Enabler (RHE) funding which will allow us to expand our programme of support for rural affordable housing across the county.  As a result, we have recruited and welcome a new RHE, Rachel Fahie, to the team.

Rural communities are continuing to face serious problems with affordable housing due in part to the gap between local wages and high house prices.  Affordable housing is essential for maintaining strong local support networks especially for younger residents and those with deep-rooted connections to the area.

Our RHE’s help rural communities by empowering them to firstly assess their own local housing need through a Housing Needs Survey.   With this information, we then support communities to discuss and navigate options and policy for providing homes for those with a strong local connection.  We also impartially assist with key partnerships including wider community engagement, local authorities, rural specialist housing associations and landowners.

Click here to find out more about the RHE role or here to view a recent case study.

To discuss your own parish options, please contact:  

Laura Atkinson at laura.atkinson@essexrcc.org.uk  or Rachel Fahie at rachel.fahie@essexrcc.org.uk 

RCCE Affordable Rural Housing