Why use plastic pots when you can use a fun eco-friendly way to make your own! 

How? Simply by using old newspapers to make biodegradable pots for sowing and seedlings.



Start by cutting the paper into strips the size is dependent on the paper potter you have. Then proceed to roll the paper around the potter, folding the overlap underneath.  Press into the base mould and twist. Done!

Slide the paper from the potter fill with potting soil then the seeds or seedlings of your choice.  Once the seedlings are ready for planting then just pop your paper pots into the ground.  The newspaper will biodegrade leaving your plants to grow and thrive but do remember to tend to them!

You can make your paper potters anywhere such as in the classroom, at lunchtime or garden club. After a few sessions you will have all the pots you need for the growing season. Happy Potting!