Getting Started

The following list contains various examples of resources used by groups to produce Community Led Plans. Each resource item has a number, look down the list for the resource you want and click on the corrosponding "Download Now" button in the Members Area.                      

 CLP01 Action Grid

 CLP02 Example agenda for the formation of a PP steering group

 CLP03 Parish Plan Steering Group Constitution

 CLP04 Design Statement Constitution

 CLP05 Duties & Responsibilities; key steering group members

 CLP06 Example (1) Initial Meeting Contact Sheet

 CLP07 Project Plan Template

 CLP08 Running Order for Inaugural Meeting

 CLP09 Volunteer Sheets

 CLP10 Volunteer Time Log Sheet

 CLP11 Parish Plan Working Agreement with PC

 CLP12 PP & VDS Display Panels

 CLP13 Initial Workshop Agenda

 CLP14 Sign Up Sheet

 CLP15 Profile Sheets

 CLP16 Parish Plan Workshop Promps

 CLP17 VDS Timeline

 CLP18 PP Time Plan

 CLP41 Bulmer VDS Flyer

 CLP59 Terling and Fairstead VDS Publicity

 CLP63 Wickham Bishops VDS Publicity email

 CLP65 VDS Information Pack