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Transport and Traffic

North Uttlesford Bus Survey

The North Uttlesford Bus Survey, completed by RCCE's Transport and Access to Services Officer, has gathered specific information on existing bus services and user views in Uttlesford District.

The consultation involved a variety of different data sourcing techniques to gather evidence as recommended by Essex County Council (ECC). The information gathered will contribute towards the requirements for accessibility planning in the area.

ECC defined the services and routes for consultation. RCCE, in partnership with ECC designed an appropriate timetable for surveys ensuring that all services could be reviewed at appropriate times.

The resulting information from the passenger surveys, route assessments and on/off tally's have been gathered and presented to ECC in the form of the report 'North Uttlesford Bus Survey 2008'.

For more information contact Transport and Access to Services Officer here at RCCE.

Great Bardfield Speed Project

The Great Bardfield Parish Plan, completed in 2003, highlighted speeding as a priority issue in the parish. PACT (Braintree District's Local Strategic Partnership) decided to undertake a pilot project in Great Bardfield to tackle the issue as the Community Strategy Consultation in 2002 had also highlighted speeding as a common problem across the district. A joint working group was formed comprising Great Bardfield Parish Council, Braintree District Council, Essex County Council, Police and RCCE.

RCCE worked with Braintree District Council to devise a participatory methodology for a workshop to gather more detailed information about speeding, traffic and parking issues in the parish. The lead facilitator was BBC Essex's Dave Monk.

The workshop resulted in a list of possible actions which developed by the joint working group and presented to the community at the Annual Parish Assembly in Great Bardfield. The priority was the purchase of a SID (speed indicator device) as a means of changing driver behaviour. Great Bardfield Parish Council worked with Finchingfield and Wethersfield to purchase one in partnership. In November 2006, Essex County Council finalised their policy on location, responsibility, maintenance and monitoring of community owned devices and the SID was purchased by the three parishes. PACT provided funding of £2,200 and Essex County Council provided £1,000.