Rural Essex

Essex is a rural county – over 70% of its land area is rural, around a quarter of the population lives in rural communities and its coastline is the longest of any county in England. Many Essex villages present a picture of tranquility which masks the poor access to services and isolation experienced by many rural people today. Simple, practical issues such as visiting family or getting to work when there is no transport, or buying a pint of milk when there is no shop can seem insurmountable.

Villages have always done a lot for themselves. This tradition continues with amenities such as village halls and play schemes as well as numerous clubs and societies run almost entirely by volunteers. Some enterprising communities have even set up their own shops and transport services. With support and encouragement local people can rise to the challenge and keep the heart of their communities beating!

What is the Essex Rural Fund?

The Essex Rural Fund has been established by the Rural Community Council of Essex (RCCE) specifically to support community groups and charities working in rural areas of the county. RCCE is a charity that has been working with rural communities in Essex since 1929 and aims to help create a better future for Essex villages.

How will the Essex Rural Fund be managed?

The Essex Rural Fund is managed by Essex Community Foundation (Reg. Charity No. 1052061), an independent charitable trust set up in 1996 which manages funds and distributes grants on behalf of donors. The Essex Rural Fund produces a regular source of funding to support charitable groups and projects in rural Essex for years to come.

The Essex Rural Fund is a long term funding stream which will continue to receive donations. Making the Essex Rural Fund a beneficiary in your Will ensures your gift will be treated in a tax efficient manner.

Making a donation to Essex Rural Fund

If you would like to support the Essex Rural Fund you can make an on-line donation by clicking here.

This will take you to the Essex Community Foundation secure facility for making on-line donations.

Note : Please be sure to click option F in the Additional Details drop-down menu to select Essex Rural Fund.


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