Neighbourhood Planning Guide

This guide has been produced by RCCE in partnership with the Essex Planning Officers Association and the Essex Community Led Planning Officer Network. 

Thanks are also due to the following for permission to use extracts from their publications:     Richard Squires, Broadland District Council - Neighbourhood Planning Guidance.     
    Riki Therivel, Levett-Therivel & URS - DIY SA guide.

This guide draws on RCCE experience of supporting other types of community led planning but it is important to remember that the process of Neighbourhood Planning is still being tested. 

It is essential that the local planning authority is involved throughout the process; however, each local authority will have different resources for neighbourhood planning. 

The following may also be able to provide assistance:     
    Essex County Council and Unitary Councils     
    Rural Community Council of Essex       
    Campaign for the Protection of Rural England in partnership with the National Association of Local Councils     
    Planning Aid 

Forum for Neighbourhood Planning

    The Princes Foundation

Planning Advisory Service

My Community


Some of these organisations have in the past been funded by government to Support Communities and Neighbourhoods in Planning and their assistance may be free of charge (subject to meeting specific criteria).  Others will charge for their support.

Before starting work on a Neighbourhood Plan, communities are advised to contact their local authority and establish the type of support available in their area.

The Guide can be viewed on line, via the links below, or downloaded as a PDF file
    What it is, why do it and who to involve. 
The Process     
    An overview of the stages and steps 
Getting Started
Getting Organised
Preparing an Evidence Base
Drafting Proposals     
Finalising your Plan