Active Essex are inviting groups and organisations in the county to take part in the Community Games.

The Community Games aims to bring communities together to organise and take part in their own sporting and cultural activities inspired by the success of the London 2012 Games. The event can be organised in any way they like, so long as it gives everyone in the community an opportunity to get involved.

There must also be an element of sporting and cultural activity which could involve competition, come and try or participation in new activities, but the key criteria of a Community Games must include both sporting and cultural events, plus some sort of ceremony, ideally an opening and/or closing ceremony.

A community could be a street, an estate, or regular users of a park or other public space, for eample, but it is important that the Games are driven and shaped by a community. The event can be facilitated by a local authority or other statutory organisation, but the community itself must be instrumental in the development and delivery of the event. It must be local, accessible and convenient, be a multi activity, be fun, friendly and open to all and reflect and celebrate the communities’ diversity.

For more information, or if your community/organisation/group would like to organise such an event and would like to apply for a grant of up to £400, please visit the Active Essex website