Generating a lot more than Electricity


Tuesday 22nd October 2013, 7pm to 9.30pm at Radwinter Village Hall
(the session on 15th October has been cancelled)

RCCE has joined forces with BDC, UDC and Daniel Kenning of Splendid Engineering to explore the potential for community owned energy schemes, showing how they can be used to generate a financial return for the community.  In Germany, such schemes are commonplace and, as the topic of ‘energy security’ moves up the agenda in the UK, more communities may wish to take the initiative.

The session will include:

  • Information about the different renewable technologies
  • Community Owned schemes and how they work
  • How to do a pre-feasibility study
  • Funding and support available
  • Other ways a community can make its energy use more sustainable

This is a FREE event for members of the Community Led Planning Network


There is a small charge for RCCE member parishes that are not members of the CLP network. See the flyer

To book a place email Sarah Sapsford or call 01376 574330