The Essex Waste Partnership (EWP) has set out how they plan to manage waste in Essex over the next 30 years in a draft strategy. Now, they want you to tell them what you think about it. What we throw away each day comes at a cost, not just for us but for the environment too. So, we all need to rethink waste. This means reducing what we buy, reusing items and recycling them when they are no longer needed.

The draft strategy, which has been produced by the Essex Waste Partnership, is deliberately ambitious but achievable. It reflects a joint commitment from councils in Essex to reducing the impact of waste management on climate change. The proposals will also help to conserve resources and save money in the long-term. This money could then be used elsewhere.

There is lots of positive work happening to reduce waste in Essex already and the EWP want to build on this, by working together and making small changes, we will see a big difference.

Don’t waste the chance to have your say. Find out more about the strategy and the free, information events being held please click here.