There has never been a more urgent need to tackle the environmental crisis we face, in order to reverse the current path of decline in our biodiversity and bring about a recovery for nature. 

Local Nature Recovery Strategies (LNRS) are designed to deliver that change and drive action for nature recovery and further environmental benefits across England. There will be 48 LNRSs produced across England and Essex County Council is the Responsible Authority appointed by DEFRA to deliver the LNRS for Greater Essex.

The Essex LNRS will visibly map out areas of current success and future opportunity for nature recovery, while also sharing a written strategy detailing specific actions to reverse biodiversity decline and improve the natural environment.

Everyone has the opportunity to have their say, as the Essex LNRS is built upon the evidence and input of the people who know the county of Essex best. From landowners and farmers, to environmental groups and members of the public, those who are closest to our natural spaces will be able to share their knowledge and experience of the environment of Essex.
Essex County Council is actively engaging with all parties to enable the development of the Essex LNRS and provide opportunities to input into it. Information will be shared through Parish and Town Councils, environmental and community groups, regional media outlets, social media and digital platforms, plus a series of open workshops and video presentations. To find out more about the Essex LNRS, to find out how to have your say or to book your place at one of these events, visit: