Defra is currently reviewing it's funding support for Rural Community Councils.  Please support us by signing an e-petition, in support of funding for rural communities.

All 38 Rural Community Councils in England, and their national body, ACRE, receive annual funding from Defra to support their work. This nationwide network of rural community councils carries out crucial work to help our communities thrive. It funds, leads or enables thousands of projects to help people tackle the challenges they face – from lack of affordable homes, broadband or public transport to supporting the young, the elderly and the most vulnerable in our society.

Defra is currently reviewing this funding, as part of the Department's overall spending, and we have been made aware that our funding is at risk.  Please help us by demonstrating support for our work and asking Defra to continue to fund Rural Communities through the county RCC's.  You can sign the e-petition here

Funding from DEFRA to the ACRE network helps to lever in a significant amount of additional funding – providing value for money for the communities it serves.

The e-petition has been set-up by the Chief Executive of ACRE, our national body, and is being promoted nationally.  We need 10,000 signatures to ensure that the e-petition is recognised.  Although the e-petition is open until March we are aware that a decision is likely to be made in January, and so it is important that we gather as many signatures as we can, as quickly as possible. 

Thank you for your support.